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The Bilingual Intercultural Community School (BICS) “Nazacota Puento” is a K-12 school. There are 16 teachers that teach in Spanish and Kichwa to 180 students. The school has poor infrastructure, a common challenge among rural schools in Ecuador. Obsolete computers prevent faculty to meet critical educational needs of the 21st century; and the lack of didactic material in the classrooms impacts the quality of learning.

At Nazacota Puento, 100% of the students come from indigenous families, most of which barely earn minimum wage and struggle to make ends meet. Many students have serious nutritional deficiencies that affect their growth and learning capacity. Despite these difficulties, Nazacota Puento has a strong collaboration between teachers, parents and community leaders, which has made possible to serve the San Pedro community for 100 years.

The goal of Ecuador Cultural Alliance (ECA) is to resource the school with a computer lab to improve the quality of virtual and in-class education, and support the nutritional needs via breakfast and lunch for students, as resources become available.  ECA believes nutrition is a key contributor to learning, so this is a critical effort. We share BICS Nazacota Puento’s dream goal to help their students become professional men and women ready to lead and promote the development and progress of their San Pedro community.